Robert Schönherr
Vereinsgasse 15/26
1020 Wien (Vienna)
Österreich (Austria)



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Robert Schönherr Trio/Quartet

        Robert Schönherr piano, fender rhodes
        Joschi Schneeberger bass
        Mario Gonzi drums

        Herwig Gradischnig tenor saxophone              

The Robert Schönherr Trio was founded in 2002.  This formation is my musical engine and forum for my own compositions and arrangements.  I am grateful that I am able to play with Joschi Schneeberger and Mario Gonzi.  They are, likewise inspirational people and musically reliable, and a solo can turn out like a flight on a magic carpet.  Besides that, they have been true friends for many years, actually decades (one observes for example the keyboarder and the drummer).

Time and again I have invited other music colleagues to join us.  One could actually say that there would be a series developing in Jazzland.  Guests included Hans Salomon, Harry Sokal, Bastian Stein, Daniel Nösig, Christian Havel, Thomas Huber, Ilse Riedler and many others.  Herwig Gradischnig gratefully assisted us with the current album “The Blue Side of Flipper? (find out more - CD).  Meanwhile due to the huge success of Herwig as the fourth member in the Trio, we will be appearing as the ‘Robert Schönherr Quartet’ starting in 2009.

I am also happy that my CDs have been making a break in Japan since 2008.

Appearances in Jazzland, Porgy & Bess, Café Central, Marianne Mendt Festival St Pölten 2006, Volkstheater Vienna ‘Rote Bar’, Jazzclub Drosendorf. 

Releases of Saturday Feeling 2005 and The Blue Side of Flipper 2008 can be found at Jive Music and as downloads on iTunes.