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Robert Schönherr
Vereinsgasse 15/26
1020 Wien (Vienna)
Österreich (Austria) English Information

Further Contributions


Andi Weiss Quintet

The band exits since the Millennium. It was founded by drummer Andi Weiss and the quintet dedicates itself to Hard-Bop and the compositions of this era; especially taking into consideration Art Blakey, drummer during this soulful period of Jazz, who in the 1960s was the ‘mastermind’ of this particular style. The compositions originate from Benny Golson, Bobby Timmons, Lee Morgan or Hank Mobley – just to name a few.

Karin Bachner Group

I have played with Karin Bachner in her quartet since it was founded in 2004.  I am thankful that she has chosen me to be her pianist.  I like her voice, her compositions, her professionalism in her work and rehearsals but I also treasure her friendship.  ‘Spring Is On The Way’ is her debut CD and working in the studio was a pleasure for me.  The 2007 tour went through Germany, Luxemburg and Holland and was both musically and socially a splendid experience.

Line-Up:      Karin Bachner vocals
Robert Schönherr piano
Karl Sayer  bass
Peter Kronreif drums

CD: "Spring Is On The Way"

Robert Bachner Big Band

Since the founding of the RBBB I have been able to contribute in this Jazz Orchestra, which gives me great satisfaction. It is a magnificent experience to sit in the middle of a Big Band and hear the movement of the voices and to feel the rhythm (at least the majority of the time).  Band leaders, doctors ( or pharmacists will be able to inform you about any undesirable side effects.

"Song Song Overture" - Solos by Daniel Nösig und Robert Schönherr

Live DVD presentation at Porgy and Bess in Vienna, 29th December 2008.