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Robert Schönherr
Vereinsgasse 15/26
1020 Wien (Vienna)
Österreich (Austria) English Information

In 2005 I presented my first CD ‚Saturday Feeling’. Afterwards I had the feeling that I had enough ‘explosive material’ for a new production and wished to transform my new ideas.  In February 2008, together with Joschi Schneeberger, Mario Gonzi and as guest member, Herwig Gradischnig, we recorded the music in Maribor in the RTV Studio, then afterwards in Vienna.  The material for this CD includes ten pieces, a large part written by me (including two dedications), a composition from my friend and music colleague Joschi, two standards and a composition from Joe Zawinul, which I have wanted to play since the 80s.  I would like to thank my musical colleagues for their enormous input and their creativity.

 Robert Schönherr about his CD:

About the title track: One of my favorite standard tunes   "On Green Dolphin Street" is sometimes played in the key of Eb and other times in C. My tune reminds of this song, but the key is changing several times within the form

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or maintaining an erection. Aetiologic factors for erectileconcomitant of the aging process, to be tolerated alongNote: The following questions should only be completed by individuals who have been sexually active and haveED. Alterations in drug dosages or classes may be ofanti-arrhythmics, anti-androgens and steroids)subnormal or borderline normal levels of testosteroneeconomic position and educational attainment.efficacy in the treatment of ED, cost and acceptability bytherapy or marital therapy) for individuals or couples cialis 20mg impact. Concurrent with the increase in the availability of.

. To give  honour to the dolphin I call this composition "The Blue Side Of Flipper". "Sandro And Celina", a tune written by Joschi and dedicated to two out of his four grandchildren (and there might be more to come…) was rearranged by me. "Limerick" is based on an A-A-B-B-A-Form. "Dampfwalzer" and "Change The Rhythm" are two of my earlier "fusion-style"- compositions, which are now presented in a new acoustic arrangement. "Herbie´s Mood" and "The Influence Of J.Z." are dedicated to two of the most decisive Pianists for me: Herbie Hancock and Joe Zawinul. The closing tune of the CD "Young And Fine" is one of those typical Joe Zawinul Weather Report compositions. In order to express my affinity to Joe  I´ve tried to focus on the essential mood of the tune without using any synthesizers.
Jazzzeit August 2008


Pressetext Jazzzeit August 2008

Robert Schönherr has been enriching the Austrian Jazz Scene with his piano playing for years and it was just about time to have another album published under his name.  Joschi Schneeberger (bass), Mario Gonzi (drummer) and special guest, Herwig Gradischnig (ts) can be heard together with him. Robert Schönherr swings and this in the meantime has become a rarity.  His compositions could keep up with the best compositions of the old guard anytime.  There is an alternative to the 74th Oscar Peterson CD and this would be Robert Schönherr’s ‘Blue Side of Flipper’.  But he can also be an innovator which he proves in two pieces that are dedicated to his idols, Herbie Hancock and Joe Zawinul. The rhythm section documents perfection yet again, with Schneeberger and Gonzi flawless as ever and Herwig Gradischnig allowing you to hear his best side.

Klaus Schulz , Jazz Critic, about this CD:

This CD presents four outstanding exponents of the Austrian Jazz scene: The Robert Schönherr Trio plus special guest Herwig G
radischnig on the saxophone.
The quartet does thankfully not provide a revolution of the history of jazz, but is rather a confession of the roots, which accounts for way more than the dull, zeitgeisty hype. All ten tracks are superb examples of a musical interchange, the creative dealings with music and the joint development of themes. The title track "The Blue Side Of Flipper" is based on the standard piece "On Green Dolphin Street". Modulating between the Eb key and C key it compliments the Bronislav Kaperschen
dolphin with the word "Flipper". The elegiac track "Sandro & Celina" by double bass player Joschi Schneeberger, arranged on this album by Robert Schönherr is a manifest of subtle interaction. Robert Schönherr contributed the lions share of originals with the Gershwin based track "Change the Rhythm", the standard of "I Got Rhythm", the rousing steamroller "Dampfwalzer", "Limerick" and the two dedications "Herbies Mood" and "The Influence of J.Z.". The pianist thoughtfully strings notes together and lets the keys tell revelling as well as dynamic melodies. Double bass player Schneeberger creates a warm groundwork, while drummer Mario Gonzo meets the requirements of the measure with pulsating explosiveness but also with a soft impressiveness. Herwig "Hank" Gradischnig always being eloquent and full of passion for his art, offers a typical contemporary and individual sounding spectrum of brilliant improvisations on the sax.
All in all it is a big throw, moving you nicely while being nicely moving.


Translation into English by Bernd Reiter, BA, MSc